Types Of Natural Fabrics And Their Properties

Posted by Admin on October, 25, 2011

The genesis of Natural Fabrics is from the fibers produced by plants, animals and geological processes. They are very soft, breathable and also, UV resistant in the sense that UV rays don’t result in their discoloration. Now, let’s discuss the various types of Natural Fabrics and their properties as well.

Cotton is one of the most extensively demanded Natural Fabrics used for making clothes. Stuff like shoes and tents can also be made from Heavyweight Cotton fabric. Cotton is flame retardant, soft, hypo-allergenic, strong and easy to wash. The use of Cotton has been witnessed from the most ancient times.

Hemp has an amazing luster, can be dyed easily and is soft and durable. Hemp can be used for home decoration items like dish towels, sheets, etc. and making work clothes.

Obtained from the rubbery husk of a coconut, Coir is naturally stress resistant and bio-degradable. Coir finds its usage mainly in the making of twine, doormats, bags, ropes, etc. Nowadays, it’s also widely used for construction purposes. In addition, it’s an excellent fabric for controlling soil erosion.

Obtained from the cocoons of Silk worms, Silk is considered as the strongest known natural fabric on the planet. Silk is luxurious as well as beautiful; it has an excellent property to keep you cool in the summers and warm in the winters. Home furnishing, clothing and medical textiles – these are the industries where Silk is most widely demanded.

Nowadays, Jute has become a widely demanded Natural Fabric because of the several reasons like its affordability, durability, reusability, etc. Jute can be used to create a plethora of fabrics like carpet backing cloth, hessian cloth, sacking, sacking, scrim, etc. Jute fabric is ideal for making bags, clothes, backing for carpets and many other things.

Obtained usually from Goats and Sheep, Wool is known as very soft yet durable fabric. From the earlier times, Wool has been used in clothing. Chenille, flannel, felt, tweed and melton – these are the different variants of Wool. Wool is warm; therefore, it’s widely used in making winter clothes, blankets, etc.

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